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Mary started this blog to share her personal journey with the Universal force that is love, as well as the gifts of Reiki. She believes self-reflection and Reiki can be used together with powerful results. This blog shares stories and perspectives that will expand your spiritual knowledge and accelerate your spiritual growth. Shes hopes that these stories will inspire others to heal themselves in unique and beautiful ways.

The truth of the Universe is Oneness
There are no others
We are the universe, experiencing itself
We all are so deeply interconnected...
We have no choice but to love all

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The Oracle Reiki Method

March 04, 2024

Oracle Reiki seamlessly blends diverse modalities and divination techniques with the energy of Reiki. This dynamic combination not only identifies the energetic cause of unease through divination but also employs the powerful frequencies of Kundalini Reiki for a transformative experience...

Shortcut to a Deeper Self-Love

April 27, 2023

After all, Source sees all things with unconditional love. Including all its fragments, you and I. So it follows, that seeing yourself...

Loving Babies

January 24, 2023

Being a first time mother means a lot of new experiences. One thing I’ve noticed since my son was born, was the sheer amount of “love” that he compels from people. People swarm to cradle him delicately in their arms, sooth him lovingly, volunteer to feed and meet his needs. They smile at him...

Reiki for The Wounded Ego

January 14, 2020

The ego needs love too. It’s been treated as the enemy for far too long. But the ego is not the enemy, it is simply your sense of self. And being an autonomous entity with a seperate perspective, it wants to feel significant, valuable, and important...

Reiki Hugs

July 17, 2019

Hugs are a simple form of affection, and a beautiful expression of love and support. And since everything is better with reiki, why not incorporate reiki to improve the soothing and healing effect of hugs? (With consent of course).

Is the Universe Parenting you?

April 20, 2023

I once heard a story where a person received an injury, and this happened because she was not fulfilling her life’s purpose and this was the universe’s way of getting her in the right direction...

Reiki for the Oversoul

June 19, 2020

The oversoul has many definitions. The divine spirit which encompasses our soul. It implies that every individual soul is an integral part of a larger soul cluster. The idea that our soul is a part of a bigger whole, called the oversoul, which is then a part of the larger higher self, which is then a part of source and all that is.


August 15, 2019

Sometimes I think attraction is your subconscious desire to bring wholeness to the self. The parts of yourself that are hidden in your subconscious, your shadow self, wishing to be integrated into awareness. When you see good traits in others that you have disowned from yourself, you fall in love. You love their personality and…

Reiki for Anxiety

July 17, 2019

For me, my anxiety is like a beast that changes its form, every day, every hour, and even every minute. Sometimes it is something loud and obnoxious that barges to the forefront of my mind. In the form of unwelcome intrusive thoughts that can be morbid, inappropriate, and self-sabotaging.

Bringing Love to Fear

April 15, 2023

For those who have experienced anxiety, you may be familiar with intrusive thoughts. They are unintentional thoughts that come without invitation and are often disturbing and distressing. Fear-based intrusive thoughts have plagued me for years.

The Glue that Holds us Together

May 15, 2020

Love is the glue that holds us together… Or so they say. I seem to attract the same type of people into my life, over and over again. The same archetypes in my lovers, my family, my friends. Same wounds, same desires, same contrast. They say it could be karma. Unresolved energy seeking resolution. Spiritual principle of cause and effect. Is it possible that karma and love are the same thing?

Reiki for wounded self-trust

July 25, 2019

If you struggle to trust and follow your inner guidance, it is likely you have mistrusted it for awhile. It has been buried by many years of self-doubt. It has been quieted by years of dismissal. When you do not listen, it gets lost in the sea of noise your mind produces. But, it will never fully abandon you.

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