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Mary is a writer with over fifteen years of experience in crafting words that resonate, inform, and inspire. Her journey as a writer has taken her through storytelling and educational content, and now, Mary turns her expertise and passion towards a subject close to her heart—Reiki. Having personally experienced the transformative effects of this healing practice, Mary is eager to share her knowledge and insights through her latest works. These books are designed to introduce Reiki tools and New-Age Spirituality in a way that is accessible and engaging for those who are both seasoned professionals and new to the practice. Her aim is not just to inform but to inspire readers to explore how Reiki can enhance their lives, offering tools for healing, growth, and self-discovery.

Reiki Tools for Millennials

"Reiki Tools for Millennials" is a guide that explores how the practice of Reiki can be applied to address the unique struggles that millennials are facing...
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Oracle Reiki

Oracle Reiki blends Reiki healing and divination into a powerful tool for self-discovery and transformation...
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Little but Limitless, I am a Creator

A picture book created with the intention of helping little ones remember that they are infinite creators.
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Little but Limitless, The Magical Now

This short book aims to introduce young children to the practice of mindfulness.
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Spirit Wards

Embark on a journey into the realm of Ward Crafting, where ancient wisdom meets modern spirituality, offering potent safeguards against the grip of paranormal activity…
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Reiki Tools for Millennials: Journal

“Reiki Tools for Millennials: Journal” is the companion journal to the book “Reiki Tools for Millennials” and offers a supportive container for your exploration, growth, and self-discovery.
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Little but Limitless, I am Worthy

Through a combination of “I am” statements and vibrant images, this short book aims to serve as a reminder for our little ones, that we are always worthy of unconditional love.
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Little but Limitless, The Big Mirror

"The Big Mirror" is a short picture book that introduces young children to the Law of Attraction...
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Reiki Tools for Time Travel

"Reiki Tools for Time Travel" unveils the potential of Reiki to heal beyond the confines of time, offering a pathway to mend the past, enrich the present, and influence the future.
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Oracle Reiki: Journal

This journal is designed to document your journey with Oracle Reiki, tracking progress, recognizing patterns, and celebrating growth...
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Little but Limitless, The Warm Light Within

"The Warm Light Within" simplifies the principles of Reiki into an easy concept for children.
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Little but Limitless, My Light's Journey

This short picture book gently reminds us of our souls' mission on Earth—to love, learn, and expand.
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