The Oracle Reiki Method

Oracle Reiki seamlessly blends diverse modalities and divination techniques with the energy of Reiki. This dynamic combination not only identifies the energetic cause of unease through divination but also employs the powerful frequencies of Kundalini Reiki for a transformative experience.

One distinctive element of Oracle Reiki is its integration of Kundalini Reiki. Kundalini Reiki was developed by Ole Gabrielsen while channeling Ascended Master Kuthumi. It is a simple and straightforward healing technique which does not require intensive study or the use of specific hand positions and can powerful frequencies in short sessions.

This harmonious blend allows for a deeper understanding of the energetic imbalances identified through divination, while Kundalini Reiki steps in to channel transformative energy toward the root causes of discomfort. This method offers a unique path to restoration and overall well-being. Embrace your holistic journey toward harmony and healing.

To learn or experience the Oracle Reiki Method with Mary, please email us at info@OnlyLove.Works or contact us!

Benefits of Oracle Reiki:

Holistic Insight Receive an understanding of the energetic imbalances through divination.
Potent energies Experience the powerful frequencies of Kundalini Reiki for profound shifts in energy and well-being.
Efficiency in Sessions Unlike traditional methods, Oracle Reiki delivers impactful results in shorter sessions.

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