Spirit Wards

Wards are physical objects used to protect a person or an area from supernatural threats. Also known by names such as talismans, seals, sutras, and good luck charms; cultures throughout history have used these objects to protect themselves.
These wards can be used to seal a room or kept on a person (personal ward) to keep away unwanted spirits and entities. Once activated, wards are charged with a protective energy. This energy may need to be recharged after some time, depending on the level of activity.

Where it came from

The Reiki-Based Spirit ward was developed by the Martial Arts Master and Reiki Master, Eric. He has worked with his spirit guides in meditation to create a unique Spirit Ward based on Reiki. His wards are based on the traditional japanese talisman, called the ofuda.

Reiki students can learn how to create these wards after completing a minimum of Reiki Level II.

Observations and Experiences

Wards were brought along on a very active ghost hunting expedition. All activity picked up by equipment would immediately cease when the Wards were within close distance. Responses to requests for further communication were met with a stern “No.”

Wards were brought along to a psychic development course. No one was able to see anything with the instructor’s crystal ball until the Wards were moved across the room

Client was plagued by an entity disturbing their dreams. There were no more sleep disturbances after a Ward was placed; however client ceased dreaming. Dreaming resumed after Ward was relocated

Clients were plagued by a mischievous entity that would disturb their sleep, move objects around the house, and burned out lights. Clients tolerated this activity until a shadow was seen on the baby monitor, hovering over their baby’s crib. Master bedroom and the nursery were sealed, and no more activity occurred in those rooms. A heavy presence could be felt throughout the house, but those feelings would dissipate as one entered either of the two rooms.


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